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We specialize in fleet truck sales. We provide assistance to locating, marketing and transporting trucks for large companies or individuals.

View our current inventory of medium duty and heavy duty trucks on the following pages. Please contact us for more information or assistance in marketing your trucks.


Wreckers/ Hot Shot/ Transportation/ Roadside Service
For Sales, please call Jason @ 405-794-5092
For Wrecker dispatch please call (405)245-3251

We also have a new yard for Wrecker Services in Shawnee/Eastern Oklahoma! (405)245-3251 for dispatch!

For our 24 Hour Hot Shot Service please call (405)834-9361

We also have a transportation service, Contact Tyler at (405) 794-5092

Something new to D&D:  Containers 20' and 40', call us for more information!

Need Roadside Service?? Please call (405) 245-3251

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Wreckers/ Hot Shot/ Transportation/ Roadside Service
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Used Semi Truck Blog

Tips and Advice for Long-Haul Truck Drivers in Oklahoma

Long-haul trucking is a tough job, but it's also extremely popular - and can earn you a lot of money. Learn how to handle the long-haul lifestyle in our blog post.

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Hot weather can make driving a used truck in Oklahoma tougher and more stressful, but these tips will help you stay cool and beat the heat this summer.

Simple Oklahoma Trucking Mistakes and How to Prevent Them

No matter how long you’ve been driving a truck sooner or later you’ll make a mistake. Read about some of those common mistakes are and how you can prevent them.

Why is Truck Driving Such a Popular Job?

Truck driving is one of the most popular jobs in the United States. Learn why more and more people are turning to trucking as a career.

Cleaning the Interior of Your Used Semi Truck

Cleaning the inside of your Oklahoma semi truck can make you happier and more comfortable. Here are a few insider tips for keeping your truck clean.

Weigh Stations 101: Tips for Oklahoma Truck Drivers

Weigh stations both in Oklahoma and beyond can be tricky for truckers to navigate. Learn the best ways to handle weigh station problems and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

By and large, semi truck drivers are the safest drivers in the country. A commercial truck is three times less likely to be involved in an accident than a passenger car or truck.