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We specialize in fleet truck sales. We provide assistance to locating, marketing and transporting trucks for large companies or individuals.

View our current inventory of medium duty and heavy duty trucks on the following pages. Please contact us for more information or assistance in marketing your trucks.

Wreckers/ Hot Shot/ Transportation/ Roadside Service

For Sales, please call Jason @ 405-794-5092

For Wrecker dispatch please call (405)245-3251

We also have a new yard for Wrecker Services in Shawnee/Eastern Oklahoma! (405)245-3251 for dispatch!

For our 24 Hour Hot Shot Service please call (405)834-9361

We also have a transportation service, Contact Tyler at (405) 794-5092

Something new to D&D: Containers 20' and 40', call us for more information!

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Wreckers/ Hot Shot/ Transportation
3409 E. I-240 Service Rd
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73135

Used Semi Truck Blog

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